Frequently Asked Questions

Is my journal secure?

Yes! We've taken every to ensure the safety of your data. All journal entries are stored on our secure servers. The website and server are both secured with SSL/HTTPS so all data sent to the servers is end-to-end encrypted. We will never share your data with any third parties. All entries are processed in a fully automated fashion, so your entries will never been seen by human eyes other than yours. Check out our privacy policy for details.

Can I pause the service for a while (for a vacation, etc)?

Yes! Click the "pause" button in the bottom of the confirmation email we sent you. Or log in, click Settings, then click Pause Account.

Can I export my journal?

Yes! You can currently export your journal as a text file or a JSON. Log in and click Settings, then the export buttons will be clearly visible.

Can I submit multiple entries on a given day?

Of course, but there's no rollover. That is, you can't submit two entries today, then take tomorrow off. Nice try though.

Are there refunds?

Um, no. The penalty wouldn't be much of a motivator if you could just get your money back. Sorry not sorry. Of course, if you get fined as a result of a bug or some other problem that is our fault, we will immediately refund you in full.

How do I unsubscribe?

Click the "pause" button in the bottom of the confirmation email we sent you. Alternatively, log in, go to Settings, and click "Pause account". Your account will remain paused indefinitely. If you're looking for complete account deletion, see below.

How do I delete my account and my journal entries?

Send an email to admin [at] journalorelse [dot] com or log in, go to Settings, then click the "Delete account" button. Remember, this deletes your entries forever!

Who made JournalOrElse?

We're a one-person show at the moment. Check out the team page for some very sparse details.

Is my credit card info safe?

Yes! We use a service called Stripe to handle all our payments. They are fully PCI compliant. Your credit card number never touches our servers, nor is it stored in our database anywhere.

Do you charge my card every day?

Nope. Once you've accumulated 14 missed days we charge your card.

Bugs? Problems? Concerns? Feature requests?

Email us at team [at] journalorelse [dot] com.